Learn More About Annuities, Life Insurance & Making Smart Financial Decisions

Let us lead you down the path to financial stability. Based in Mesa, Arizona, we help clients decide which insurance platform or investment vehicle best suits their needs.


Paradigm Financial LLC selects an annuity option that makes the most sense for you. You decide when to start distribution and how you utilize the funds. Most clients use their annuity as a second income, along with social security and other benefits received. There is no downside to making an investment into an annuity plan because it isn't tied to the market or your regular income, and there are intricate mechanics involved to ensure your protection. Contact us to learn more.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a diverse and potentially complex investment option depending on your needs. Consider this type of insurance if you'd like the opportunity to maintain and grow your income beyond your own lifespan. It protects you as the insured party and creates an estate for your beneficiaries, enabling you to pass the funds onto them. Through our structured plan, both you and your beneficiaries are financially protected. Together we review different plans and select the most appropriate one for your unique situation. Our expert attention to details means every term and condition in your contract is met and your estate is passed on in an expeditious way.