About Us

Financial literacy and wealth management is an essential part of not only gaining a foothold in today’s society but also establishing a solid and stable foundation for not only your future but your family’s future as well. Here at Arizona Financial Literacy Foundation we provide the knowledge needed to educate people about the fundamentals and different investment/management vehicles available to them to secure the financial stability so desperately desired by so many.

By setting up educational workshops and classes, we are able to provide a classroom type environment where participants can have closed group sessions with one or more of our financial specialist. We believe that financial literacy should be available to all and we substantiate this belief by making our classes available to interested parties of all ages.

Too many times have people sought out and placed their trust investments with no knowledge of how the investment actually worked. Leaving their earnings in the hands of a broker that they can never get a hold of, and that would only give them partial information when they do. The Arizona Financial Literacy Foundation aims to put an end to the blind investor by educating the investor of the full risk potential of investment vehicles, how the investment actually works, and how that vehicle can benefit the investor, if at all.

At the Arizona Financial Literacy Foundation, we will take the time to go over your financial capabilities thereby enabling us to formulate an investment plan that works best for the individual.

Our team of financial specialists have been focused strongly on financial education for years and are some of the top rated in their fields.

Who We Are

William Treviares brings over 20 years of experience in the financial field, based in Mesa, Arizona, William started in the mortgage banking industry and through years of education and experience worked his way up to financial consulting. Since our years in the financial arena were not governed under one specific area, we can help you with your insurance- or annuity-related needs. If you're looking to move forward down a secure financial path, look no further than us.

The best way to show the difference is skill and attention to detail can make in your Financial Education Relative to Investments and Wealth Preservation Strategies needs is by giving us a call at (480) 757-0488.

We want to educate you on the different types of investment vehicles available to you. Our service is knowledge-based and centered on customer service and satisfaction. We provide weekly educational tips, market trend, and talking points regarding difference investment vehicles. With proper due-diligence, and client suitability we will decide which product will fit your needs best.